Chameleon Suit


Chameleon Suit

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Reality Based ECD Training Suit

G-Squared Consulting is proud to present the Chameleon Electronic Control Device (ECD) training suit, featuring patent protected Thorshield® fabric technology.

The Chameleon is the first training suit that allows for real, live TASER™ Brand Device probe-firing and stun gun drive-stun application. Combining the Chameleon with an existing padded training system (such as Redman, High Gear, FIST and others) provides a complete Reality Based Training (RBT) system.

The trainer and trainee can run both scripted as well as unscripted test case scenarios with the Chameleon, improving on current ECD training capabilities.

Designed to easily adapt to an existing padded system or be used as a standalone training suit, the Chameleon has easy to adjust Velcro straps at the wrist and waist and an easy-open front zipper to allow easy and quick dressing and training time preparation.

Chameleon Features:

  • Designed for Energy Weapon trainingTrue Reality Based Training when combined with other pad systems
  • Thorshield patented technology for Electronic Control Device protection
  • Commercial Electronic Control Device compatibility using live probes (recommended with pad system)
  • Commercial Electronic Control Device stun gun compatibility in drive-stun mode
  • Jumpsuit design for easy and quick dressing and training time preparation
  • Fits under or over existing padded systems (other systems provide protection from weapons, hands and ground impact)
  • Supports scripted and unscripted test case scenarios
  • Allows the trainer to pinpoint specific contact points for the best results
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